Heat shrink tubing dispenser boxes

Heat shrink tubing dispenser boxes
Shrink tubing consists of thermoplastic material (polyolefin/PVC) and is used for insulation, mechanical protection or also for bundling cables and wires.
The shrinkage ratio indicates the change in diameter under the influence of heat (e.g. from a heat gun or lighter).
Shrink tubing 2:1 halves its diameter, e.g. from 12 to 6mm, in a ratio of 3:1 the shrink tubing can also be attached later,
if, for example, a blade terminal sleeve or ring cable lug is already installed, since the diameter is reduced more, e.g. from 24mm (2.4cm) to just 8mm
and the shrink sleeve can therefore still be used over plugs or connectors that have already been installed.
The dimensions of shrink tubing are given in mm, but often also in inches from 3/64'' to 1/8'' and 1/2'' to 1".
Shrink sleeves are also used to seal cable connections, especially in the version with adhesive.
Shrink tubing can also be used for coating or color marking of cables and wires, but also objects (handles, tools, etc.).
Shrink tubing can be supplied as sections, e.g. in different colors in small quantities, in sets with different diameters,
in practical small or large dispenser boxes or as rolled goods for smaller diameters and larger quantities and rod goods (for particularly large diameters).
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