Cable protection corrugated tube with slits and closed without slits

Cable protection corrugated tube with slits and closed without slits
Corrugated tube, slit and unslit (closed) as cable protection in different qualities for every application the right quality and the right accessories
We prefer a high-quality PPmod or PPmodBS quality for cars - commercial vehicles - trucks, we don't believe in cheap PP versions, because they are better quality
because of our purchasing quantities, we probably don't pay more than we might for a poorer quality somewhere else. Our recommendation - pay attention to the details!
Automotive corrugated tubing is excellent for converting to LPG drives, for protecting the automotive electrical system in a professionally laid cable harness, in automotive bodywork construction or for simple loads or for cable protection, also for subsequent installation. In our shop you will also find the appropriate pull-in aids and a wide range of fastening and locking solutions, as well as a large selection of corrugated pipe distributors in M-Y-T designs.
For mechanical engineering and plant construction, we offer corrugated tubing made of PE-LD or PA6, including an extensive range of accessories with different corrugated tubing holders.
In the field of control cabinet construction, we recommend a PE corrugated hose or cable hose with the appropriate holders for door installation or on the door profiles for use as cable routing in the control cabinet. The PE hose is a bit stronger than an EVA cable hose and, in addition to the pure cable routing, also offers some protection for the laid cables, which can't be that wrong.
Furthermore, you will also find high-temperature-resistant corrugated pipe designs up to 260°C operating temperature range in a highly flexible, medium-strength or crush-resistant closed design, slotted corrugated pipes with improved UV resistance or also 2-part corrugated pipe design in UV-stabilized design for the photovoltaic sector, Solar thermal or general outdoor use. The two-piece design is particularly suitable for retrofitting, e.g. on the roof, to protect against bites from birds, martens or other rodents.
Meter corrugated tube 2-piece UV-stabilized
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